Trump: Daily Beast is a 'joke'

A top adviser to Donald Trump is under fire after comments he made in an explosive interview while defending the Republican presidential candidate from a decades-old rape accusation.

Palin in a Trump administration?

If Donald Trump takes the White House, Sarah Palin might have an invitation to join his team.

Holmes' dad testifies

On the 58th day of his son's capital murder trial, Robert Holmes took the witness stand on Tuesday and repeatedly tried to make eye contact with the mentally ill young man he still calls "Jimmy."

New video of Sandra Bland in jail

Authorities in Waller County, Texas, released hours of jail video on Tuesday that show Sandra Bland before her death in an effort to knock down the idea that Bland was dead before she was brought to jail.

6 killed in building collapse

At least six people were killed and several more are believed trapped in rubble when a residential building collapsed in India, authorities said.

Tweet from Iran raises eyebrows

Regardless of the recent deal over Iran's nuclear program, officials in Tehran are still taking sharp jabs at the United States.

Girl's body found; teen arrested

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the suspected death of an 8-year-old girl after a body was found in a dumpster in the coastal California city of Santa Cruz, police said.

Internet-famous baby giraffe dies

Kipenzi, a baby giraffe that captivated an Internet audience with its live birth at the Dallas Zoo a few months ago, has died.

Tots sunburned at day care?

Two Oklahoma boys are in the hospital recuperating from burns after their mother said their day care took them to a splash park and let them play with no sunscreen. As of Tuesday, the day care was permanently closed, and the state health department was investigating the facility.

'Titanic' to go, Winslet goes on

We know that your heart will go on and on. At least until this weekend.

Is most expensive weapons program worth it?

Three years behind schedule and some $200 billion over its original budget, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is finally set to become operational this month.

Air Force's newest fighter gets first female pilot

The F-35 is the Air Force's newest fighter plane, and the service says it needs some of its most experienced aviators in the cockpit of the jet.

Navy's newest fighter makes first carrier landing

A combination of old and new hooked up off the coast of San Diego Monday to give the U.S. Navy a glimpse into its future.

Will 'monster' tower destroy romance of Paris?

While the skyline of London surges upward on a tide of new and startling towers, its eternal rival in Paris has taken the opposite approach.

Why your kid's inflight meal is better than yours

If you fly with these global airlines, chances are your kids will probably be eating better than you inflight.

F-35 set to make its debut

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is set to make its debut, and one of the nation's top Marines says if recent tests are any indication, things won't go well for the "bad guys."

Spy for Israel Pollard granted parole

Convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole and will be released from an American jail on Nov. 21, his lawyer announced Tuesday.

Third Planned Parenthood video released

The anti-abortion group targeting Planned Parenthood released another video Tuesday, this one featuring an interview with a woman who says she worked in a clinic procuring tissue from aborted fetuses.