Congress and nation's capital are in direct opposition

It's still illegal to buy or sell marijuana in D.C. So supporters are taking a different approach. FULL STORY

History of marijuana in America

Public perceptions about pot have come a long way, from the dire warnings of "Reefer Madness" to growing acceptance of medical marijuana and the legalization of recreational use.

Blue Bell recalls all products

With the recent Sabra hummus recall, we take a look at some of the biggest recalls since summer 2014.

U.S. moves ships to watch Iran

U.S. officials tell CNN that in addition to reassuring allies in the region, U.S. warships are being deployed to Yemen to monitor ships in the area traveling from Iran and suspected of trafficking arms to Houthi rebels.

'Sickened' by his own photos

South Africa leaders took notice after James Oatway caught the horror in a wave of violence. FULL STORY

Man dies after week in custody

Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who died after his lawyer says his neck was partially severed and he lapsed into a coma while in police custody, was arrested "without force or incident" on a weapon charge, according to documents obtained Monday.

N. Korea threatens U.S. envoy

CNN's Brian Todd reports on North Korean threats to the U.S. ambassador to South Korea only weeks after he was attacked by someone with a knife.

Case against Kirchner tossed

A prosecutor has dismissed allegations that Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner tried to cover up Iran's involvement in a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires.

Koch brother picks '16 favorite

Billionaire businessman and powerful Republican donor David Koch wants Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to be the next president but doesn't plan to financially back anyone during the primaries.

TSA report: No full check for workers

A Transportation Security Administration committee concluded that full screening of airport employees nationwide would not lower the overall risk to the public, according to a report released Monday.

Bobbi Kristina Brown isn't 'awake,' source says

A source with knowledge of the condition of Bobbi Kristina Brown tells CNN that the 22-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston remains in the same neurological state that she has been in for over 12 weeks.

Mystery ailment kills 18

A mysterious affliction has killed as many as 18 people in southwestern Nigeria, leaving health officials scrambling to determine its cause.

Woman eats 13 lbs. of steak in 20 min.

Molly Schuyler gobbled three 72-ounce steaks, three baked potatoes, three salads, three rolls and three shrimp cocktails to win an eating contest in Texas.

'Batman v. Superman,' now with West and Reeve

The much-discussed trailer for "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" just got a makeover.

George Lucas gets payback on neighbors

Filmmaker George Lucas plans to build a giant affordable housing development on his Skywalker Ranch property in Marin County, California.

'Good Times' actor dies at 64

Ben Powers, who played Thelma's (BernNadette Stanis) husband Keith Anderson on the final season of the classic CBS sitcom "Good Times," has died. He was 64.

What will Europe do about migrant deaths at sea?

Traffickers are putting migrants "on the road to death," Malta's Prime Minister says. FULL STORY

Justin Timberlake shares first photo of son

Justin Timberlake introduced his "greatest gift ever" to the world Sunday night.

Quickest weight loss habits for busy days

The scale doesn't care how many hours you have in your day—only how wisely you spend them.

Hidden Japan: Inside a samurai's bedroom

No cars or lampposts mar the ancient views in these three historic samurai areas in southern Japan.

Creepiest, craziest abandoned spaces of NYC

Will Ellis has no respect whatsoever for "no trespassing" signs. And he has some astonishing photographs to prove it.

Author who foretold U.S. turmoil in Iraq dies

She predicted events that unfolded in the Middle East well before they happened. And her book on Iraq became required reading for many military leaders trying to understand the country.

New looks at 'Fantastic Four,' 'Jurassic World'

How will the new "Fantastic Four" differ from the original movie of a decade ago?

Boston Marathon 2015 winners

People around the world are watching Monday's Boston Marathon to see the results and celebrate the winners. Caroline Rotich of Kenya won the women's division, and Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia took the men's.

FBI's most wanted domestic terrorists

Click through to see the FBI's most-wanted domestic terrorists.

See the Gulf of Mexico 5 years after the BP oil spill

Remnants remain five years after a BP oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 people.