John Nash and his wife killed in taxi accident

Nash's genius and his struggle with schizophrenia inspired the movie "A Beautiful Mind." FULL STORY

Nash portrayed by Russell Crowe in Oscar-winning film

Mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr., whose life inspired the film "A Beautiful Mind," and his wife died in a car crash, according to New Jersey State Police.

People we lost in 2015

Remembering those who died in 2015.

Pentagon chief: Iraqis 'show no will to fight'

Defense Secretary Carter says Iraqis aren't outnumbered, but don't seem to have the will to fight. FULL STORY

Lawmaker: ISIS making gains

Iraq's lack of national unity in the fight against ISIS threatens to splinter the country into several parts, a defense expert and two members of Congress said Sunday.

Zelizer: Iraq isn't going away

Iraq isn't going away anytime soon.

Rain breaks records; more coming

A firefighter died early Sunday while performing a high water rescue operation in Claremore, Oklahoma, an emergency management official said. FULL STORY

Protests after cop acquitted

Police arrested demonstrators in downtown Cleveland following the acquittal of a police officer charged in the 2012 shooting death of two unarmed people. FULL STORY

A band of sisters in Special Ops

Even before women were allowed in combat roles, a group of female soldiers gained crucial information for special operations units.

Russia bans 'undesirable' NGOs

Non-governmental organizations working in Russia awoke Sunday to a new reality -- that they operate now under a law that allows the government to prosecute them on the grounds they are 'undesirable.'

Clinton emails called a 'witch hunt'

Julian Castro labeled the House Republican-led investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails a "witch hunt" and a "sideshow" from dealing with America's most pressing problems.

Ben Carson tops straw poll

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson handily won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll on Saturday, the first major survey to take the temperature of the Republican presidential field in the south.

A girl, two earthquakes and a change in fate

Sometimes, life takes twists so fortuitous that they seem inevitably predetermined. That may be the case for Maya Gurung, a 10-year-old girl suffering in post-earthquake Nepal.

An unlikely friendship: A killer and a scholar

A few months ago, Kelly Gissendaner wrote a letter to a pen pal across the Atlantic. She told him the state of Georgia was about to fix a date for her execution. One evening soon, she would be strapped to a gurney, needles would be inserted into her arm, and poison would course through her veins until she was dead.

Why didn't I die in Amtrak Train 188's crash?

"i think the Amtrak i just got off just crashed in philly."

What will happen to ISIS' child soldiers?

A boy in a black knit cap stands in front of a man on his knees.

Sutter: 6 degrees of climate change

Climate change is all about degrees.

Mother found pushing dead toddler on swing

Police found a mother pushing a dead baby in a swing at a Maryland park. Police say she was there possibly all night. CNN affiliate WJLA reports.

Man pronounced dead, stuns medical examiner crew

A man with a medical condition was pronounced dead after the Milwaukee Fire Department arrived at his apartment. Minutes later, he started breathing.

Actress, 37, too old to romance 55-year-old

Here we go again, Hollywood.

Elephant grabs camera, takes excellent 'elphie'

Plenty of tourists have snapped a selfie of themselves posing with an elephant during their travels. Even U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has done it.

Tour America with Anthony Bourdain

If you don't plan to skip town this Memorial Day, take a tour around the country with "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown."

So you want to work at a cannabis club?

Caitlin McGuire, owner of BCC, explains how to be a good cannabis club employee. "High Profits" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Celebrities and marijuana

Several celebrities have been open about their love of the whacky weed. View the list.

Learn the basics of cannabis consumption

Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire of BCC outline various ways to consume cannabis products. "High Profits" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Know your weed words

Learn more cannabis terminology from the stars of CNN's "High Profits," which airs Sundays on CNN at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Is Breckenridge a party town or 'Disneyland'?

Residents of Breckenridge, Colorado, disagree on how to sell their town's image. "High Profits" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.