Start Finish Show Name
12:00AM 1:00AM Neal Boortz
1:00AM 5:00AM Overnight America
5:00AM 6:00AM The Revolution with Jim & Travis
6:00AM 7:00AM Outdoor Talk Network
7:00AM 8:00AM Talk Radio Special Programming
8:00AM 9:00AM The Car Guys
9:00AM 10:00AM Around The Tracks
10:00AM 1:00PM Watchdog on Wall Street
1:00PM 4:00PM TAPS ParaMagazine
4:00PM 7:00PM The Larry Kudlow Show
7:00PM 10:00PM TAPS paraMagazine Radio w/JV Johnson
10:00PM 12:00AM Cigar Dave




Start Finish Show Name
12:00AM 6:00AM Best of Neal Boortz
6:00AM 7:00AM Sunday Morning Magazine
7:00AM 8:00AM Jim Blasingame
8:00AM 10:00AM The Money Pit
10:00AM 11:00AM Classic Car Round Up/Making Money Work (rotation)
11:00AM 1:00PM Anthony Vultaggio/The Hibbard Show
1:00PM 3:00PM Real Estate Today
3:00PM 4:00PM Meet The Press
4:00PM 7:00PM The Best of Dennis Miller
7:00PM 9:00PM Outdoor Talk Network
9:00PM 12:00AM Science Fantastic